Fiesta Mac n' Cheese

with Katie Machol

Katie Machol will show us how to make a Fiesta Macaroni and Cheese from the rice cooker.

Let your rice cooker heating with the lid closed. Saute the chorizo and Spanish onions. Add clove of garlic. Then add the corkscrew pasta (or any other type of pasta you prefer). These ingredients are measured for a 7 cup rice cooker.

If you have a smaller rice cooker, you're going to want to decrease the ratio of ingredients (remember, we're adding water later). Stir around to get the oils and juices flowing. Then add a can of chicken broth, if you're vegetarian, use vegetarian broth. Then comes Katie's spice mixture: Kosher salt, Cayenne pepper, garlic powder. Fiesta! Stir it around, close the lid and let it cook for 10 - 15 minutes until al dente.

It's okay to open to check on the pasta. Inspiration comes from Rice Cooker Recipes by Debra Murray.

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