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GNATV on Studio 10

Sat, 12/08/2012 - 00:06 -- Alex

GNATV received an invitation from Creative Loafing to help them judge the 2010's best taco in the Bay Area. We were stoked and accepted the offer. We went on a taco frenzy, devouring tacos left and right from 4 restaurant finalists. You can see that video here.

The following video clip is GNATV and Katie Machol introducing the contest on Studio 10. Enjoy.

Thai Noodle

Thai Noodle is nestled in the corner of Fletcher and Livingston Avenue right near the University of South Florida. Thai Noodle is perfect for those of us in a tight schedule. Expect to be in and out within 30 minutes. The menu is simple, which is divided into 4 sections: appetizers, soups, noodles and rice dishes.

The Pad Thai has a nuclear orange color because of the infused chili for the extra flavor and kick. The noodle is surrounded by a bunch of goodies like: tofu, shrimp, chicken and even a side of peanuts to go with the peanuts sauce.

Tom Yum soup is designed to hit all the taste buds all at once. There's a spicy sour sweetness, complex and satisfying. The amount of soup borders on excessive so expect to carry some home.

The curries are coconut based served on a bed of rice with some veggies. Fragrance literally emanates from the plate. The concept is simple enough, but there's something so satisfying about it.

One of the best things about Thai Noodle is that anything on the menu is under $7, and a lot of food for $7. Thai Noodle is cheap, it's fast and it's right around the corner of USF. Come on in and check it out.

Wood Fired Pizza Wine Bar

Peter Taylor's goal is to take the best of Naples and the best of New York, which is his personal definition of pizza. Taylor's childhood cognition theory says "the pizza you grew up with is what your definition of pizza is".

Peter continues to explain that the Neapolitan people make very simple pizzas like Margaritas and Marinaras and they don't use exotic toppings combinations. Peter then asks the question: "What happens if you're able to optimize crust, like the Naepolitans and optimize toppings like the Californians and create the ultimate pizza?". He tells us you would need a wood-baking oven, which is the ultimate method of doing it.

And that's where it gets interesting, Peter delightfully says "This is a Ferrari-type wood-burning oven made just for pizza". Ultra low-dome, FDA approved food cooking deck, the only one of its kind in the United States, Taylor claims. The pizza maker attempts to get a "wafer-thin crust of veneer, egg shell thin crispy outer exterior enveloping a soft open airy crumb structure supporting cost-no-object toppings". Yeah, he said all that.

Italians come to Wood Fired and say the pizza is just like the pizza in Italy, New Yorkers and Californians surprisingly say the same thing... They [taste] elements of their pizza in Wood Fired but they notice there's that something extra, "that's what I shoot for" says the humble pizza maker.

Larry's Deli

Larry's Deli, Land O' Lakes best Cuban Sandwich. By far, one of the best places for sandwiches, they're enormous, huge, with lots of meat, on top of that, it tastes good.

Kind of out of the way if you're in Tampa, but it's worth it, just for the Cubans. Larry's Deli is a big orange building, located on US 41 and it's really hard to miss.

The garlic pressed Cuban is the popular item, it's pretty fat with so many cold cuts stuffed in it. It just looks delicious. It's everything you like about a Cuban. Pressing always makes the bread crunchy, and the condiments are really good, for example the mustard and mayonnaise. The whole combination just makes it really amazing.

If you're going on a long road trip, Larry's Deli is probably the place you want to hit up first. You could order a 12-inch and cut into 4 pieces and take it to go or you could just stay and eat it in the backyard. There's a lovely picnic area, home of many birds that may or may not attack you to get to your sandwich.

Larry's Deli has a real roadside stand feel without the roadside stand. They have the boiled peanuts, sandwiches, pickles and all sorts of stuff. It feels like a real authentic Florida stop.

Katie Wright

Katie Wright is a talented Tampa Bay artist and GNATV got first dibs on a quick interview. Your best bet at finding more of her art is either on Facebook or MySpace.

Blue Sea - Seafood Market & Restaurant

Definitely our favorite place for seafood. Even people from St. Petersburg, 20 - 30 miles come to Blue Sea just for the food because it taste that good. And it's cheap.

The Grouper sandwich doesn't cost more than $5 and that's the most pricey sandwich on the menu. Blue Sea has a whole list of other fish you can pick from on the menu. For $20 and change you can get a meal for an entire family, something like 10 fillets of Tilapia, 20 shrimps, coleslaw, fries and hush puppies.

Besides being a seafood restaurant, Blue Sea is also a fish market. You can even bring your own fish to get cleaned and prepped. They lots of shrimp, big shrimp, fish heads for soup...

But let's get back to the Grouper sandwich, it's Blue Sea's flagship sandwich. It comes with 3-4 fillets, definitely puts other sandwiches to shame just on volume. It's more like a meal between 2 buns, some lettuce and tomato.

Shrimp please!


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