Missing episodes

Welcome back! It's been a while.

Moving between distributors, we lost most of last season's episodes. There must be backups somewhere.. All is not lost, we managed to recover the earliest stuff for your convenience.

Despite that unfortunate event, we're considering a come-back of sorts.

Stay tuned.

GNATV on Studio 10

GNATV received an invitation from Creative Loafing to help them judge the 2010's best taco in the Bay Area. We were stoked and accepted the offer. We went on a taco frenzy, devouring tacos left and right from 4 restaurant finalists. You can see that video here.

The following video clip is GNATV and Katie Machol introducing the contest on Studio 10. Enjoy.


Seems like years ago since we all got together to make a new episode for GNATV. We all went our separate ways and sort of abandoned the project (thanks college). But I'm writing this now to let you know that we're back, sort of.

I've been living in South Korea for a year and a half and I have a long list of places I want to show you. Even though a lot of restaurants have closed or moved to new locations, we'll keep the old videos up just because.

We'll use this blog as a form of press release or updates and all non-video related content. Keep it crispy guys.