Square 1 Burgers

Searching for a decent burger among the chains hawking cheap imitations, desolate empty patties, meaningless condiments... we find ourselves back at Square 1.

Located on Anderson near interstate 275. Lunch time proves to be a busy period and parking is limited, so our advice is "get here early", or park somewhere else.

The decor is like a modern take on a burger joint, but what makes Square 1 different is that they sell burgers; it's a burger joint.

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Once you get that craving for sushi, there's no substituting it with Chinese food or Pizza... there's something that draws us to raw fish and deep fried rice and seaweed. The latter is probably a stronger force.

Look no more, if you live around USF, Tampa you're in luck! Ichiban to the rescue!

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Grass Root Organic Restaurant

Grass Root is the one and only vegan restaurant in Tampa, as far as we know. To our surprise vegan food is awesome, at least at Grass Root. Grayson and Alex explore the leafy diet of vegan cuisine.

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Hot Rods

Hot Rods is probably the only place in Tampa/Lutz where you can order a 2 LB hamburger and sit in front of a huge alligator poster... OK, it's the only place you can do exactly that. Oh yeah, BBQ Bats!

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Subs-N-Such is just what the name indicates, sub sandwiches and other stuff that may interest you. This is probably the only place in Tampa where you can pick up a sandwich and buy Coca Cola memorabilia. Friendly staff, fresh ingredients and entertaining neighbors.

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Mel's Hot Dogs

In Tampa you have a couple options when it comes to hot dog establishments. Mel's Hot Dogs is the most well known in Tampa and probably one of the oldest still locally owned and operated.

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