Square 1 Burgers

Searching for a decent burger among the chains hawking cheap imitations, desolate empty patties, meaningless condiments... we find ourselves back at Square 1.

Located on Anderson near interstate 275. Lunch time proves to be a busy period and parking is limited, so our advice is "get here early", or park somewhere else.

The decor is like a modern take on a burger joint, but what makes Square 1 different is that they sell burgers; it's a burger joint.

You can create your own burger, like Grayson's burger: Angus beef, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, onions. Your slides could be fries, beans or coleslaw. Alex reads the menu. Even if it's a gourmet restaurant, if you get your hands dirty, it's a sign of a real burger. Get a load of the cupcakes!

The Carrot Cake Pecan, Creamy Dreamy Vanilla, Double Chocolate Fudge, Vegan Cupcake (non dairy icing), German Chocolate Cake and they come in two sizes, little guys and the big guys.

Alex also likes the background music and Grayson lives a moment in the life of a patty.

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