Soul of Korea

Soul of Korea sets a high standard as GNATV's first food review episode. One of the few Korean restaurants in the Tampa Bay area, it stands alone when it comes to price and quantity ratio.

Bare in mind, this is the pilot episode and the hosts have much to learn.

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Angithi Indian Cuisine Restaurant

We dropped by Angithi Indian Cuisine Restaurant just in time for the very affordable lunch buffet. Angithi's is a spicy adventure, probably the best tasting Indian food for the price.

Did we mention it's a buffet? as in, all you can eat. It starts at 11:30 am and ends at 3:00 pm. It's a good idea to bring your friends, there's plenty of food to go around with. Once you're seated, tell the waiter you want to the lunch buffet and go straight to the buffet line. They also have an à la carte, boasting a list of different naan bread.

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Taco Bus

Tacobus, the birthplace of GNATV. It is here where the idea of broadcasting cheap local food began.

Thanks to this comically adorned taco-dispensing bus, we are now online and showing you the food.

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Mr. Dunderbak's

USF favorite German restaurant. Fully decked out interior design, impressive beer and wine menu and the food menu is the real deal. Mr. Dunderbak's is a favorite among all ages and origins, here's Grayson and Alex and the gang bringing it to your screen.

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